GeoKRISHI - Winner of Feed the Future - Data Driven Farming Prize as MOST VIABLE SOLUTION

The Team

Rajan Man Bajracharya
Hari Krishna Dhonju
Bikash Dangol
Suraj Shrestha

The scenario

In Nepal, most of the important agriculture information is locked or their availability is fragmented and heterogeneous. Systematic archival of data is not available via a single-window, and when it is, drawing useful information from it is challenging. In other hand, intervention to increase crop productivity with pest/diseases control and promoting genetically modified crop are not sufficient in the context of changing climate, population growth and degradation of resources.

Introducing GeoKRISHI

We are developing a digital agriculture infrastructure to democratize information. Our web and mobile platform utilizes government, research and crowd data to automates analysis using geospatial technologies and illustrates the results in easy readable formats at farm level (through mobile app) and at sub-national levels (through web app).

Our vision is to make every farm connected and traceable with an increase in their per acre value. Our goal is to provide context specific contents and filtering out redundant information that may confused farmers otherwise. The broader aim of GeoKRISHI, however is to develop a sustainable open-ended-platform to support entire agriculture cycle by ensuring realistic and simplified content representation.

For whom ?

Web version: Are you from organization with role as a advisor, planner, decision maker, cooperative, local service provider, farmer group, agro enterprises, researcher, part of a social group or a civil society, or an information enthusiast who faces obstacles in providing advisory services to the farmers due to lack of access to agriculture information and the right analytical at national, district, block, zone or super-zone level. Please visit this link for Web app.

Mobile version: Are you extension worker, farmer representative, farmer who are seeking for information to improve options of crops at farm level e.g. “Where, which agro-product, when and how?” and find location specific input on "what to plant, when and where” along with location specific right analytical and communication tools. Please visit this link to download Beta version of Android Mobile app. GeoKRISHI App

For more information contact us. For updates visit follow us in our facebook page:

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